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My name is Curtis aka the Fantasy Executive, the creator and leader of Fantasy Football Insiders. Fantasy sports has been a passion of mine for as long as i can remember. For the past 20 years i have been tied to fantasy in some fashion. I can remember logging onto America Online back in the middle 1990s playing fantasy baseball on my Packard Bell computer while my dad stared at me with this weird look. He like so many at the time had no understanding of what the hell could be so interesting about looking at a screen with nothing but players names and stats. Well fast forward a few years and as my love for football grew, so did my interest in fantasy football. And for over 10 years plus now it has become my number one passion when it comes to competition and fun.
As the fantasy football industry grows so does the number of resources you have. There are unlimited numbers of websites, blogs and social media outlets with content looking to get your attention. And lets not mention the big prime players like ESPN, NFL.COM, Yahoo, CBS etc who not only host what seems to a majority of all fantasy football leagues, but they try to control the content you are exposed to as well. Let’s not forget about the public forums that get flooded with people spamming and talking about any and everything but the football talk you desire. At times it can become overwhelming, with website after website promising you they have the best rankings, the best writers, the best draft kits, the best sleepers, the best waiver wire pickups etc. Let’s keep it real, we are all making educated guesses here and that’s all it is. I have yet to see any site with a 100% money back guarantee if their projections don’t pan out. Sure their are advanced analytics that we all use to help make decisions but again you won’t be guaranteed your money back if they don’t pan out.
That’s where my vision for Fantasy Football Insiders comes in. I envision a place for fantasy football fans to visit daily where they are always going to have access to the latest developing player news, articles discussing topics you care about, fun debates and open forums free of hate and negativity that spills over into almost every conversation online these days. With the FFI (Fantasy Football Insiders) brand i see a place you can come that is not only visually appealing but is easy to navigate and works well on any device you choose to visit on, whether it’s a cell phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. Also we will not neglect to include easily accessible articles for newbies, we will always have content for the newbies to fantasy football along with veteran or seasoned players.
The number one priority is to give you an increased knowledge of player information, draft strategies, depth charts, or any news we feel helps you make the best informed and educated decision when it comes to your fantasy teams. “Experts” are not the only voice on Fantasy Football Insiders. Our members have access to share their own thoughts and opinions with the masses right here on our site as well. It’s all going to make us better fantasy owners at the end of the day. We are here to give ourselves better chances of winning our leagues, to have bragging rights over our friends or to win big money in daily fantasy tournaments on FanDuel and Draftkings. Hopefully this coming 2016 football season we will have a One million dollar winner right here on this site! If it’s me that would be awesome of course, but if it’s you instead i would be just as happy knowing that the information we brought you here possibly changed your life for the better! Welcome to

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