FFInsider Week 3 Advice (Prepare for bye weeks)


While everyone is too busy searching for the next hot waiver wire pickup or eager to make a trade, this is where the smart and savvy fantasy owners get ahead of the pack. You know fantasy football is not a sprint but a marathon. Along with the skill it takes to draft great players, you need a little luck along the way from the deadly season ending injury, but more importantly you always have the big picture in mind. Right now is the time you prepare for one of the hardest things to manage in Fantasy Football, “Bye weeks”. This can be a nightmare to manage since most owners ignore bye weeks when drafting, they ignore bye weeks when making trade for players and even while making waiver wire pickups. This is asking for trouble and a nightmare in coming weeks. The last thing you want is to have a Sunday morning come along with 5 of your players on bye week and your bench locked up with injured players and potential breakout players that you don’t want to drop because you know the upside long term has potential to carry you into a deep playoff run. So think ahead, check for bye weeks of all your fantasy players on each team and you won’t have to scramble next week when everyone else in your league is placing waiver wire bids for players with great match-ups in Week 4. You will be well prepared, you will be ahead of the game. And in a game of skill and chance, every move matters.

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