Have PPR (Point Per Reception) Leagues Become the New Standard?

Have PPR (Point Per Reception) Leagues Become the New Standard?

Written for Exclusively for FFI-  by Jdrake349

Yes and no. I don’t think that PPR (point per reception) leagues will ever take over standard leagues, but I believe the time has come where the two styles will sit side by side at the top of the mountain. The NFL is a pass-happy league and because of that more and more players are using more pass-happy scoring methods. It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s just what they like.

For those wanting to know more about PPR leagues, we’ll take a few seconds to break them down and talk a little strategy. PPR stands for point per reception, meaning that a player earns a point (or a half point in some leagues) every time he records a catch during a game. Due to the major increase in pass attempts during NFL games, this type of scoring method drastically changes the strategy of a fantasy football league. All of the sudden, players that are targeted more often by their quarterbacks become much more valuable. Now, all wide receivers catch passes, so the change in scoring doesn’t have a dramatic effect on their value, but running backs are another story. Some RB’s catch 4 or 5 passes a game while others catch 4 or 5 in a whole season. Finding running backs who can catch the football as well as run it are incredibly important in PPR leagues.

So while PPR leagues will never truly replace standard leagues, they’re also not going anywhere. These leagues are as popular as ever and they’re here to stay. If they pique your interest, check them out in a free or low stakes league to see how you like them. You might just find your new favorite style.

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