Is there a such thing as a “Sleeper” anymore?

Written for Exclusively for FFI- by Jdrake349


The “sleeper” has been all the rage throughout fantasy sports the last few years. If you’ve been sleeping yourself and don’t know what that is, I can help. A sleeper is a player who flies under the radar entering the season only to break out and outperform expectations during the season. Getting good sleepers is a great way to win your fantasy league because you’re getting so much more value than everyone else is at the same draft slot.

There’s just one problem with sleepers: they don’t really exist anymore. What? Why? How? Well, they haven’t really gone extinct, it’s just that no one really flies under the radar anymore. Fantasy sports are obsessed over and scrutinized all year long. Every player is under the microscope and in the spotlight at one point or another and it’s just about impossible for someone to go unnoticed these days.

What you should actually be doing is focusing on value picks. You want to extract the most value possible out of every pick in the draft. I discussed value here if you need a refresher (link “here” back to article that discusses value). Getting great value from your draft — or your FAAB budget — is how you win fantasy football leagues in the post-sleeper era. You’ve got to be able to outdraft your leaguemates in rounds 5 and up in order to take home the trophy.

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