The Importance of Live Drafts in Fantasy Football

Written for Exclusively for FFI-  by Jdrake349 and CurtisW247 

The Importance of Live Drafts

There’s one day in a fantasy football seasons that stands out above all the others: Draft Day. Even more important than your championship Sunday, draft day stands above everything. Why? Simple: it includes everyone and everything. On this one day, every owner in the league has a chance at winning the championship. It’s when teams are constructed and officially kicks off your season. It’s the beginning of it all.



Even though you have a few options with how you handle your draft, there is one that is far superior. That would be the live draft. Live drafts are the ultimate way to start the year. All your league-mates gather in the same room, enjoy snacks and refreshments (maybe a beer or three if you’re of age), talk football and draft your squads. Getting together like this allows you to talk smack face to face, see the pain and anguish of other owners as you steal their picks right out from under them and ultimately gloat in person about how much better your team is than everyone else’s. What’s not to love? It’s like the Super Bowl of fantasy football. The one time everyone gets together and celebrates football as hard as they can.

There’s a strategy aspect to drafting in person as well. You can read the room, get a feel for who’s going to do what and adjust your selections accordingly. You can manage some of this with an online draft, but you can’t feel the tension or the vibe of the room through a computer screen which can really help you decide between going wide receiver this round or if it’s finally time to snag a quarterback. Your friends will make comments about each pick and you can read them like tells in poker. Is he/she getting nervous that they’ll miss out on a top-tier running back? You can decide whether or not you need yours this round or if it can wait til your next pick. Being in the room when you draft gives you a much better feel for the draft which means you can get much better value for your picks – and that’s the name of the game.

So in society that is lacking real in person social outlets and ways to pull people together, nothing does this better than sports and in this case Fantasy Football. Get your league members together and schedule one at a local sports bar, friends house or some other venue right now!  And make it an annual event.

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