Robert Griffin III: Becoming Great Again?

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Can RG3 Win You a Fantasy Football Title?


We swear we haven’t lost our minds. We had outlined plans for this article about a weeks ago prior to the recent hot start by RG3 over the past two pregame games. We wanted to remind people of one thing: Remember when RG3 came into the league? He was great! Griffin posted a tremendous rookie season in Washington, using his legs as well as his arm and gashing opposing defenses in the process.

Washington then tried to rein him in and RG3 began to struggle — but now, Cleveland plans to use all his talents once again. Griffin is going to have the freedom to be athletic and get creative with his feet while buying time to sling it down the field to top talents like Gary Barnidge, Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman. When you combine that guys like Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson in the backfield, Cleveland suddenly looks like it has an potentially explosive offense. 

If healthy offensive weapons wont be a problem for the Browns this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns v Cincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns v Atlanta Falcons
Cap it all off with how cheap RG3 will come on draft day and you’ve got yourself a recipe for tremendous value and a fantasy championship. Right now according to ( Griffin is the #197 player being taken off the board and the 29th Quarterback! Thats an insane value! And as a QB#2 in a two quarterback league or as a backup QB you will be hard pressed to find someone with this much upside that late! After all, value is the key to winning fantasy leagues. While everyone else is stocking up on more popular quarterbacks in the middle rounds, you can snag an extra wide receiver or running back, knowing you have a secret weapon that will potentially outscore them all later in the draft. Well that is until he gets hurt right? 

With RGIII there is always going to be the potential risk of injury. Not only because he is a running Quarterback but because of his style of play. Griffin was always criticized for not sliding at the end of a play, always trying to take an extra yard instead of smartly protecting his body. But so far here in early the 2016 preseason it seems like his new head coach Hue Jackson has been coaching him up on the importance of sliding. Us potential fantasy owners can only hope! 

Lets take a look at Robert Griffins rookie season and how he ranked among other Quarterbacks:





QBR: 6th






RUSHING YARDS/CARRY: 1st (Including RB’s)

Our Final Take: A 26 year old QB moving to a new team with explosive offensive weapons, a new coach who is considered by most in NFL circles as a offensive guru (Hue Jackson) and with an offensive line that is ranked #5 overall according to (Pro football focus) but ranked #3 overall in pass blocking definitely sounds like someone we want to take a chance on in 2016.

Take a look at the this bomb from RGIII on 8/18/2016:

And in case you need further evidence of the potential greatness of RGIII take a look at this video:



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