Lamar Miller Could Be the #1 RB in 2016

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Lamar Miller Could Be the #1 Fantasy RB in 2016

What?! Yup. By the end of the year, we could be calling Lamar Miller the best running back in fantasy football. Don’t worry, We’ll give you a few reasons why, but first, just let it sink in. I know that right now you think I’m off my rocker and that there’s no way that this guy who couldn’t do much down in Miami is suddenly going to overtake guys like Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson.

Alright, enough buildup, let me show you how Lamar Miller can be the best.LamarMiller

First and foremost, despite not getting a ton of run down in Miami, Miller was a beast when given the rock. Lamar Miller has more yards per carry over the last two seasons than any other running back in the league (for guys who racked up at least 400 carries). Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? Just because Miami couldn’t see the value in having one of the league’s most talented runners doesn’t mean the Texans won’t. Miller has fresh legs and will look to have his best season yet — and if he picks up where he left off in Miami, we could be looking at a new top RB.

Here are more examples of what others are saying as well:

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman “keep(s) hearing” from scouts around the league that Lamar Miller “might have a season for the ages.”

According to Pro Football Focus: 

Last season, Miller averaged 4.5 yards per carry, but was given only 12.1 carries per game. A full 34 other running backs averaged more carries per game, including the likes of Rashad Jennings. In 2014, he averaged 5.1 yards per carry (tied for second-most), but ranked only 18th in carries per game.

Similarly, in 2015, Miller ranked fifth in fantasy points and 11th in touches among running backs. In 2014, he ranked ninth in fantasy points, but only 13th in touches. Despite the high efficiency, he recorded just one game with 20-plus attempts over the last two seasons.”

Also we want you all to keep in mind Lamar Miller also left the second worth offensive line to join the 18 highest grade offensive line — one that should get a significant boost from the return of a healthy Duane Brown, no less. It’s also reasonable to expect the Texans to have better quarterback play in 2016 as well, as the team signed former Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler. All things are pointing towards a epic season for Miller and you should feel confident drafting him in the middle to late 1st round. Anything later than that is an absolute steal!


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